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Aug, 17

WuChi by Maks @ Truman Markets E1


We are at the Sunday Upmarket in  today 27 /8/2017. Pop by if you are in the area. We like meeting and chatting  to our customers face to face and look forward to meeting and greeting new people. You can also place your order on our website www.wuchi.co.uk . Visit Truman markets http//trumanbrewery.com/cgi-bin/markets.pl?

May, 16

African Herbs for Beauty and Well-being

In Africa, herbs have been used for thousands of years to heal, as food, commerce and for health and well-being. Generally, people all over use herbs to cook and to look after themselves. I will heighlight some herbs that grow in Africa and can be found in other countries. Africa is blessed with thousands of plants, botanicals and herbs; but for this issue of Ingredient Feature, I will focus on these four ingredients, Neem tree, Shea butter, Palm oil and Black Soap. On the benefits they have brought and how they have been used for thousands of years for different purposes.
1. Neem tree- (Dogonyaro)

Neem tree is indigenous to India, Burma, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. And is referred by various names as; Dogon Yaro (Nigeria), Neeb, Margosa (Arabic), Azad Dirakht (Persian). This evergreen shady tree grows luxuriously in the tropical and semi-tropical

In Africa, the Neem tree can be found in the norther part of Nigeria and know as the Dogonyaro tree. It is very medicinal and highl y regarded for it’s antibacterial properties. Traditionally, It is boiled and drank as a cure for malaria. Neem oil is also used to treat all sorts of skin and hair problems from, hair lice and dandruff to infections. However, Neem oil, very smelly and unpleasant, with a very strong strength that over powers any other oil that it is used with and so should be used in moderation. The Gunky smell can be ovelooked due to the benefits it provides.

2. Palm Kernel oil-Elaeis guineensis

Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit kernels (seeds) of the oil palm. Palm oil is naturally reddish in color because it contains a high amount of beta-carotene.
Palm oil is edible and used for cooking, the body , frying and in soaps and cosmetics. The benefits of palm oil.
The demand for palm oil is growing and can be found in almost everything you eat from magarine, to butter,cakes, preserves and more. However, you can’t talk about palm oil without highlighting the problems.There has been alot of conroversies sourrounding palm oil because of the deforestation, devastation and tragedy that it is causing the Orangotangs and some communities.You can read an article here from the independent about problem palm oil is causing in the western region.

3. Black Soap-oshea Dudu
Black soap also comes from West Africa. It is made from plantain leaves, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods or other leaves. The leaves are burned and then water and oil is added. The oils can be coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil or cocoa butter. The process can take up to 2 weeks and recipes are passed down through generations. This means that different regions and tribes have their own ways of making black soap. Black soap is known as Ose Dudu in Nigeria – ( ‘soap black’).Black soap helps with acne, rashes and hyper-pigmentation. It is not as drying as most soaps and can be used all over the body.
Black soap is medicinal and can be found in Ghana, Nigeria and other aprts of West Africa.
4. Shea Butter-
Shea butter known as Karite butter, is a cream coloured fatty substance extracted from the fruit, they grow only in the wild and can take up to 50 years to mature. Alsos known as Mangifolia tree found in the west and central Africa. Western countries are just begining to recognise the benefits of shea butter, something that African have known for thousands of years.

For centuries, Africans have used Shea butter to:
• Moisturize and regenerate skin and hair
• Reduce inflammation, stretch marks and wrinkles
• Treat eczema and arthritis

Shea butter has proven healing properties, dubbed the women’s gold of Africa, it has great healing properties. Heals burns and wounds, promotes cell regeneration, used to treat Eczema, rashes, severe dry chapped skin, provides natural protection against sun damage and ultra violet rays. Good for stretch marks; long application helps delay appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use Unrefined shea butter in our Creams and lotions.

What are your experiences with using any of the herbs and plant above? Have you come across them or used them. We use all of these ingredients I have written about and more, in making our products because of the benefits they provide. Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable resources and suppliers who maintain fairtrade principles. Nature heals, So why change it.

Pic Credit: Google images

Jul, 15

Working behind the scences @ WuChi HQ


Thank you for looking round our new website. Hope you found what you are looking for. We have been working behind the scene lately to update the new website.  Although, slightly different from the back end we had before, we now have new things and apparatus to learn and get used to. We are doing our absolute best to make sure you have access to your favourite WuChi by Maks products.

If your favourite products are not yet on the new website, please contact us and we can still post them to you. All you have to do is contact us and speak to us and we are always happy to help. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them.

Thank you for dropping by


May, 14

Elements of a Good Skincare Regime

At WuChi by Maks we believe what you put on your skin should be as good as what you eat and even better, because your skin absorbs what you put on it from whithin.

The elements of a good skincare regime are based on giving your skin a good looking after. If you don’t look after the skin how do you expect it to look healthy and protect itself from all the pollution and free radicals from the environment? The basic products you need are a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser, plus making an effort of treating it once a week with Exfoliation and Facial Mask. Looking after your skin should only take a few minutes and the benefits are exceptional.

  1. Cleansing:

Cleansing is a very basic and essential part of a good skincare regime it is not just about removing make up. Cleansing helps improve the appearance of the skin because it removes debris, dead skin cells, oil and grime and sweat that have been collected on the skin surface all day long. Cleaning is very important because it ensures that the other element of a good skincare regime works well. Cleanse your face first things in the morning to wipe away sebum produced overnight. I recommend Orange blossom cleanser to promote a healthy complexion If you have normal, dry, mature, sensitive skin, it softens the skin and cleans at the same time. Use Replenishing Deep Cleanser for oily or combination skin.

Beauty Tip: A cream based cleanser, removed with a muslin cloth, and wringed out in warm water is the best way to cleanse the skin.

  1. Toning:

Toners act as astringents to close pores, tighten and help to protect the skin after cleansing and exfoliating. They are useful in removing any residue and at the same time brighten and refresh the face. Depending on your skin type, choose toners with ingredients like Aloe Vera to sooth or Rosewater for inflamed skin. After cleansing and exfoliating, sprinkle a generous amount of toner on cotton wool and smooth over your neck and face. If you have normal, dry or mature skin, I recommend our Balancing Rosewater Toner.

If you have combination or oily skin we recommend using the Replenishing Face Tonic.

Beauty Tip: for a more refreshing tone, sprits your toner unto your face.

  1. Moisturising:

Moisturising is very important and should not be overlooked. Moisturisers hydrate the skin

by forming a barrier on the skin surface, to prevent moisture loss. Using a moisturiser will help protect, repair, nourish and make your skin softer and smoother.

I have developed two effective moisturisers for night and day that work as skin food and contain essential fatty acids, vital oils and vitamins that are beneficial for your skin. Use Rose Rejuvenating Day Cream if your skin is dry, dehydrated, sensitive or mature and in need of some serious looking after. Nourishing Night Cream contains active ingredients that works while you sleep to nourishes, repairs and tones the texture of your skin- (Best Night Cream Award 2009)

Beauty Tip: applying your moisturiser to slightly damp skin, helps lock in more moisture.

  1. Exfoliating/Treat:

Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and suitable for every skin type. Exfoliating scrubs help refine the skin texture and make your skin softer, smoother, brighter and radiant. Exfoliating on the face should be done gently at least once a week. I recommend Almond Face Scrub – with gentle exfoliating grains and gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin.

Beauty Tip:

Choose an exfoliating face scrub that is not too grainy and harsh on the skin. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to keep your skin plump and hydrated

Mar, 14

New WuChi by Maks Website launching soon

We are working behind the scene on the new look WuChi by Maks  website and would like to say thank you for your patience whilst we work on this new transition. Thanks to everyone who’s contacted us, shopped offline or used different mediums to shop here at WuChi by Maks. We appreciate and say Thank you all very much. send us and email to info@wuchi.co.uk or use the contact us page on the site and we will get back to you. Thank you.

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